About Shahrezad

Shahrezad is of Persian descent and is known for a range of expression from classical to modern Persian dance. Passion for music and the desire to dance led her to attend schools of classical, modern and ethnic dance. She has studied with the major dance artists of the United States, Egypt and Persia. Shahrezad was the founder and the director of the Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Layali. She has been teaching and performing during the last fifteen years.

Shahrezad is an incredible performer. She has style and grace.

Her Passion

Her passion for the music attracted her to the dance. She love music; any sort of music. She thinks because she love the music so much - it goes inside her body. She want to do something with it. Since she cannot sing or play an instrument..... I dance! It is a way for her to reach out and express herself. She wants to become the music.

Her Inspiration

As a child she used to watch Samia Gamal's dance in the movies. She just loved her. Even now she watch her old movies. Samia Gamal is not dancing now which is a shame. She had such a grace. She always loved that grace and the way she flowed with the music.

Although Samia Gamal inspired her to begin dancing, Ibraham Farrah is her mentor in Egyptian dance. Ibraham Farrah is the one she look up to now. All she have she owe to him.

Her Travel Experience

She love to travel. She have traveled almost through the whole world. She've seen plenty everywhere. She says, "the best dancers are here in America especially on the East Coast. Maybe that is because of Ibraham Farrah's influence in the East.

There are wonderful dancers in Egypt as well. Not only do you get to see excellent dancers, you get to hear the better music.

I love Egypt. Its fascinating! I think anyone, especially in the dancer field, should go to Egypt if at all possible. Egypt is a spectacular, interesting country. Of course, the first trip I was busy visiting museums and sightseeing. But, the second and third time I went I just saw dancers every night!! When I go, I just follow Sohair Zaki. She is my favorite. Through the years I have established a friendship with her. I have asked her how she feels about the dance and had permission to video tape her show on several occasions."

The first time she went to Egypt with the Turquoise International Tour. She would absolutely recommend going on a tour the first time. The other times she went by herself. She says, "When you go with a tour you definitely get much better treatment, it is less expensive, you stay in first class hotels, and you get better tables at the nightclubs!"


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